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  1. Groupthink
  3. Foreword: Before you attempt to digest this month's challenging content,
  4. let it be said and known that the inverted systems and reversal networks in
  5. the planetary architecture, are systematically being dismantled and aligned
  6. to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. Corrections are being made to the ley
  7. lines for horizontal-vertical-diagonal alignments, activation of organic
  8. creator code and Krystic zero-point architecture are detoxifying and
  9. purging out death codes from every corner of our planet. A selection of
  10. demonic hierarchies, satanic-luciferian cult harvesting stations, negative
  11. alien AI tech and mind control weaponry, and an array of parasitical
  12. infestations of miasma, miscreants and bottom feeders are also being
  13. cleaned up and evicted. This is a massive ongoing project currently
  14. underway, which is being monitored by Cosmic Christos intelligences and
  15. cannot be stopped.
  17. The chess game strategy is on and those of us that are awakened and
  18. awakening through the dark night, must be brave and courageous so that we
  19. can begin to understand deeper truths and see clearly how the enemies of
  20. humanity have repeatedly tricked us into submission through mind control
  21. subversion. This will be the shocking realization of betrayal by those in
  22. authority that we trusted, and an emotional grieving process for humanity
  23. that will happen in stages of ongoing development for the purpose of
  24. integrating a great global spiritual healing. Gradually, we will be taken
  25. down the rabbit hole of disclosure and through the many twists and turns to
  26. break free from the controlled narrative, and finally be guided to see the
  27. larger truth hidden behind these events. Then we will be supported to gain
  28. personal spiritual strength through neutrality, empathy and to
  29. compassionately integrate this extreme experience by learning from its
  30. higher knowledge, each at our own pace and consciousness level. Some will
  31. struggle with heavy trauma and dogmatic overlays, and thus choose to leave
  32. this timeline, and will be supported from another location in the field.
  34. Currently, the Black Sun entities are clinging to the Dragon Moth Grid and
  35. its AI weaponry and from what I can tell, this is the last stand of the
  36. most powerful levels of psychotronic weaponry that they have control over
  37. as they take their final shot at regaining global control through a digital
  38. war. Many of the human Controllers seem to be confused as to why their
  39. methods are falling short, yet they press on with all the assets and
  40. resources they have which are being put into the final solution of rolling
  41. out their One World Order or Techno-Totalitarianism. If we pay attention to
  42. all of the props they are using for enforcing tyrannical control through
  43. psychological warfare; masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), the
  44. terrorism tactics of censorship, political correctness, groupthink thought
  45. police, funding anarchists, supporting lawlessness, Alice in Wonderland
  46. crazy making tactics, nanochip vaccinations, it's all made visible for us
  47. to see. Naysayers with firing brain cells not linked into the hive net
  48. perpetuating the groupthink can no longer deny these events as fringe
  49. conspiracy theories, there is a spiritual war, a psychological war being
  50. waged against humanity and it is very visible now. To stop feeding into
  51. this digital warfare and anti-human system by believing staged events
  52. designed to co-create extreme pain and suffering, we must be educated to
  53. know how this was done, and how what we are actually observing happening
  54. now is the result of many years of methodical grooming and patient
  55. subversion to socially accept this anti-human agenda. Stay the course and
  56. know that although it appears to be dire, the God forces, Christos forces
  57. do not succumb to shortcuts outside of the Law. All of this reorganization
  58. to support planetary ascension must occur without superimposed force and
  59. within the natural cosmic order. It is Time! Time is on our side and the
  60. great awakening is happening now!
  62. ~Lisa Renee
  64. Dear Claude,
  66. Within all the heated controversy, the unveiling of the One World Order
  67. through the global implementation of an assortment of AI networks all for
  68. achieving complete Technocratic Totalitarianism by 2030 is underway. The
  69. agenda of full cognitive capture through digital means is escalating now.
  70. The answer to all of this insanity brewing is our full dedication to
  71. seeking truth, opening our heart and listening for the whispers of our next
  72. direction, taking steps to heal ourselves and increase coherence, which
  73. happens naturally when we put our relationship with God and inner spirit
  74. before anything else. On the awakening path to access greater levels of
  75. truth, our inner work is to recognize where our perception has been
  76. controlled through ego mechanisms that were filled with pain and delusion.
  77. The world needs emotional and spiritual adults that can speak the truth
  78. from their heart, without recrimination, blame or harming intentions. It
  79. appears the global awakening is here and although it may be a rough summer,
  80. it looks like major revelations are to be made towards the end of the year.
  82. This is a very challenging time as the Controllers pull out every
  83. intelligence asset and psychological weapon that they have in their arsenal
  84. to demoralize and dehumanize the global population through sophisticated
  85. deception methods. This layer of pushing anti-human mind control methods
  86. include a long history of hidden subversion running in government,
  87. academia, religion and science, along with an eventual plan for radical
  88. revolution of the western value system made through intelligence operations
  89. and insurgency. The constitution which shapes the western value system in
  90. the United States, although severely corrupted by the moral failings of its
  91. governmental leaders, was originally designed around a living document that
  92. holds an energy signature aligned with truths found in the Natural Laws.
  93. This blueprint is the ideological thorn in the side of the NAA and other
  94. despots, who want to design nations of mind slaves and brain washed
  95. followers, not nations of free independent thinkers who value personal
  96. freedom and hold reverence for life.
  98. Thus, there are armies of funded activists and fake journalists from many
  99. interrelated organizations that are strategically working together with the
  100. deep pockets of globalist funding to destroy individual human freedoms
  101. within all democratic nations that use the template of this living
  102. document. This year they pulled the trigger on their long awaited and
  103. meticulous plan for activating a multipronged ideological subversion in the
  104. western nations, with millions of people being subjected to unprecedented
  105. restrictions on their personal freedoms, human rights and free speech,
  106. which has forced radical changes and limitations be made in their ability
  107. to freely carry out their personal and professional lives. Upon closer
  108. examination of the current crisis events and using some critical thinking,
  109. we can follow the money back to non-government organizations and globalist
  110. institutions who seem to have a penchant for False Flags and bad actors.
  111. Then we can ask who and what is actually benefiting from all of this
  112. orchestrated plandemic, economic terrorism, division and upheaval,
  113. subversion of western democracy while fanning the flames of anarchy in the
  114. streets? This is a well-orchestrated coup attempt happening on physical and
  115. metaphysical fronts, and the rabbit hole goes deeper than most people can
  116. digest.
  118. The satanic cult running the mainstream and social media have been
  119. extremely prolific in lying to the masses all these years, repeating the
  120. key phrases over and over for shaping the narrative and cultivating the
  121. Groupthink towards the satanic ideology based upon collectivism. They were
  122. purposely dumbing down and then filling the minds of our youth with
  123. cultural Marxism and never-ending classification systems for the purpose of
  124. inciting outrage and the radical ideological revolution at the push of a
  125. button. Many Marxist-Communist groups believe that violent revolution is
  126. the only way to transform government and welcome mass destruction, as we
  127. can see the result of this belief system now. When people are extremely
  128. mentally and emotionally fragile, stressed out from survival and pushed
  129. beyond their limits, it is only a matter of time before the pent-up anger
  130. of destructive explosions show up as mass protests that escalate into
  131. violence.
  133. Only come to find out that this was designed as a small stepping stone for
  134. generating useful pawns, willing to create mass chaos and distraction for
  135. the anti-human agendas, in order to progress the main goals of the NAA's
  136. full spectrum dominance over humanity. The don't look here, look over there
  137. distraction. Within all the heated controversy, the unveiling of the One
  138. World Order through the global implementation of an assortment of AI
  139. networks, quantum supercomputers, weaponized Skynet's and hive nets, all
  140. for achieving complete Technocratic Totalitarianism by 2030 is underway.
  141. The plan for Agenda 2030 is hidden in plain sight and now many more of us
  142. on the earth need to be awakened to this so we are informed about consent
  143. and understand what these anti-human forces are doing in order to achieve
  144. these dystopian goals. They only have the power that we give them.
  146. This is a heightened spiritual battle that is taking place on the ground in
  147. the west, and through the physical world there is also the visible battle
  148. occurring in plain sight to gain complete control over our minds, it is the
  149. battle for installing satanic ideology into the mainstream without any
  150. limits, into every day technology which strips individual human beings of
  151. their dignity, divinity and personal freedom. The battle is happening for
  152. laying the full infrastructure required for the Techno-Totalitarian world,
  153. which is essential for the next stages they plan to implement which are
  154. ongoing mandated nanochip infested vaccinations and plans for directed
  155. evolution, eugenics and finally, transhumanism.
  157. We must be willing to overcome fear and denial and to be potentially very
  158. uncomfortable when seeing the ugly truths staring us in the face,
  159. connecting the dots of the disinformation campaigns being deployed in order
  160. to see the accurate motivations hidden behind the weaponization of these
  161. narratives. The answer to all of this insanity brewing is our full
  162. dedication to seeking truth, opening our heart and listening for the
  163. whispers of our next direction, taking steps to heal ourselves and increase
  164. coherence, which happens naturally when we put our relationship with God
  165. and inner spirit, before anything else.
  167. Escalation to Mob Frenzy
  169. At the present time, the western power centers are facing serious threats
  170. of dominance by powerful global fascist forces that have set the course of
  171. the mass propaganda towards cultivating Groupthink, which is being
  172. explicitly designed to gradually drift the global population towards
  173. Technocratic Totalitarianism. The agenda of full cognitive capture through
  174. digital means is escalating now. Spiritual warfare is the battle between
  175. the light that exists in the knowledge of truth versus the darkness that
  176. exists in the controlled narratives that are spun with deceptions and lies.
  177. The spiritual warfare is escalating against all of humanity, it matters not
  178. what your color, race, religion or creed is. More than ever we need to be
  179. able to rise above the mind control distractions of the NAA playbook of
  180. classifications and see ourselves as one species that represents the
  181. entirety of humanity. Seeking to find the deeper truth hidden inside
  182. everything, and then being mature enough to handle the answers that come as
  183. a result.
  185. Recently, the Black Suns are taking these lies to another level of
  186. psychological warfare through the weaponization of control narratives into
  187. Groupthink. When the ideological subversion of Groupthink rhetoric
  188. escalates into mob frenzy and then mob rule, this destruction and violence
  189. generates descending matrices, which align these lowest vibrating reality
  190. bubbles into the artificial intelligence networks that are operating as a
  191. mind control hive net. To radically descend a city area that the NAA desire
  192. to establish in as low a vibration as possible, is to house demonic forces
  193. and spread other low life spirits into the community. This is achieved by
  194. chemical and psychological warfare, as well as inciting an angry mob to
  195. destroy poverty-stricken areas or government buildings in order to generate
  196. even more misery and suffering. Cultivating the conditions for this level
  197. of chaos and descending energy is then used to link this area into the hive
  198. net and this is the real work of the authentic Satanist. They will use
  199. whomever they can take over and steer into inciting mob frenzy to achieve
  200. their aims, which is to ensure as much pain and suffering as possible in a
  201. targeted neighborhood or demographic area.
  203. These unconscious groups being manipulated as pawns in the spiritual
  204. warfare games are being used as distractions while they plug the Groupthink
  205. reality bubbles into AI weapons designed as the surveillance system of the
  206. mind control hive net. This sinister project was intended for all of
  207. humanity during this phase of global reset, through installing the
  208. Techno-Totalitarianism in order to finally gain some ground in the utter
  209. destruction of free thinking and human freedoms in western culture. The AI
  210. network was gradually built upon the mental mapping of the collective brain
  211. neural links of those groups who were unethically used as test subjects in
  212. the targeted individual community over the last twenty years.
  214. To deny the danger that this aggressive propaganda poses to human freedoms
  215. in the face of clear evidence of the methodical steps taken to eliminate
  216. democratic processes through manufactured and coerced Groupthink, is
  217. foolish and short sighted. Currently, we can observe the destructive
  218. results of those in the millennial outrage culture that are being
  219. manipulated as useful pawns for this agenda, unwilling to see the Marxist
  220. social experiments being intentionally directed by the Power Elite. The
  221. fomentation of discord and outrage is being nurtured for the express
  222. purpose of encroaching against human freedoms, in order to carry out the
  223. ultimate objectives of installing the full surveillance state via the
  224. Technocracy. The current chaotic events that are being revealed in the
  225. globalscape drama are designed to perpetuate mass psychological operations
  226. against the earth inhabitants that ultimately serve the objectives of those
  227. anti-human Controlling forces, competing to succeed in their version of the
  228. One World Order agenda.
  230. During this phase it is imperative we learn how to use critical thinking
  231. and common sense in order to see the larger picture of the divide and
  232. conquer tactics based on classifications, as they are coming for all of us,
  233. the entire human race, in all colors. It is time to wise up, abandoning the
  234. forced Groupthink rhetoric and its poisonous ideology from being
  235. aggressively asserted upon all of us as a traumatic based method of
  236. psychological warfare. A small minority of powerful twisted psychopaths in
  237. the world ruling class are determined to assert full spectrum dominance and
  238. control over every aspect of our living biology, brain and nervous system,
  239. thought processes and perception of reality, as dictated on behalf of their
  240. NAA overlords.
  242. The western value system in the United States has been deeply mired in the
  243. effects of the outrage culture, building momentum through targeting the
  244. youngest minds to enforce classifications of political correctness for the
  245. purpose of censoring free speech and aggressively shaming people into
  246. submission. Over many years this divisiveness has been infiltrating the
  247. culture through multiple covert methods using ideological subversion to
  248. radicalize and then generate useful pawns to push forward the utter
  249. destruction of western values designed to protect human freedom, at the
  250. push of a button. The recent orchestrated destruction of many cities
  251. carried out by destructive anarchists fueled by staged events, is being
  252. funded by institutions run by enemies of the constitution in the United
  253. States. Everyone was traumatized by the snuff film we were forced to watch
  254. in horror, as captive audiences to these staged events there was no
  255. question of its moral depravity. However, it was to serve a purpose for the
  256. Controllers and they have squeezed it for every last drop, applying the
  257. maximum trauma in humanity, like getting blood from a turnip. Those that
  258. are responsible should be made accountable, but it goes much higher up than
  259. anyone cares to admit. The orchestration of the plandemic along with the
  260. economic devastation of Americans, the utter destruction and anarchy in
  261. major cities, informs us of the intended direction of the current globalist
  262. agenda. Which is to destroy the American constitution through spreading
  263. hatred and continue to demoralize its citizens in any way that they can, in
  264. order to attempt to stage their coup d'état.
  266. What is Groupthink?
  268. Groupthink refers to a psychological phenomenon in collective consciousness
  269. in which individuals desire consensus opinion and approval from others
  270. within their community-group, and many times will set aside or abandon
  271. personal value systems or beliefs in order to feel like they belong in
  272. order to gain the groups acceptance and perceived approval. The internal
  273. pressure that is felt as the necessity to be loyal to the groupthink
  274. ideology can be perceived as real or imaginary threats. Although we can see
  275. in the current strategy of censorship and thought control, there are
  276. repercussions which amount to threats, accusations, humiliation and even
  277. the loss of job and profession. This happens when a person is outcast from
  278. not aligning their speech, thought and behavior exactly to the ideology of
  279. the groupthink. This is another form of compelled speech in mind control
  280. which is used in authoritarian regimes to stop any intellectual
  281. development, intelligent debates, critical thinking and thus persecute and
  282. penalize any independent thinker from adding to the groupthink approved
  283. conversation. This works to keep the majority of people silent and in
  284. submission to the mob rule.
  286. Most people deeply fear being persecuted and ostracized from their group
  287. identity, as it is a fundamental human need to feel like we belong to
  288. someone or something. This is especially heightened for middle school age
  289. children and young adults, as peer pressure is one of the most powerful
  290. dynamics a child will face during the most impressionable stages of their
  291. personal development. The Controllers and those using ideological
  292. subversion mind control content are well aware of the challenges of peer
  293. pressure on young adults, and thus tend to target groupthink ideology to
  294. radicalize the younger generations by infiltrating their popular youth
  295. culture. Lenin's popular quote about targeting the education of children
  296. with social engineering into a communist based ideology demonstrates what
  297. is being made visible in the outerscape of western or democratic society
  298. today. Examples of targeting the children are seen with the Canadian Prime
  299. Minister giving a speech asking parents to leave the room so he can address
  300. their children privately, while the World Health Organization cautioned
  301. that children may need to be separated from their parents due to the
  302. plandemic. Recently, the New York Times ran an article demanding that
  303. people should tell their family members they will never see them again
  304. until they donate and show their public support for Black Lives Matter.
  305. These are intelligence psyop directives taken directly from the
  306. Marxist-Lenin playbook for separating families and estranging children from
  307. their parents, by rewarding the kids for acting out as useful puppets for
  308. the ideological narrative approved by that group or nation-state.
  310. As an ideology in the 20th century only atheistic Communism, with its
  311. murder and mass killings in multiple millions, are responsible for more
  312. deaths and violence than any religion or political system. This is why this
  313. ideology is so popular in the organizations working for the Satanic death
  314. cult, it has worked well for securing mass blood sacrifice in the past
  315. histories. The following are some basic guidelines for ideological
  316. subverters that are working to destroy a culture, nation or identity.
  317. Please hold some space for thoughtful reflection on what the consequences
  318. of these could be on the minds of children, youth and adults and note how
  319. many of these steps are active today, with visible evidence demonstrated in
  320. the culture. What I want to make clear is that these were not the events of
  321. random evolution chosen by individuals, these were purposely guided as a
  322. mind control agenda for spreading harm to the people. This has been
  323. followed as a rule book by media, education systems and all forms of social
  324. engineering used by subverters to confuse the public, so the Controllers
  325. can remain in power and have all the wealth. This propaganda must stop if
  326. we want to live as free people in a free society.
  328.  The purposeful creation of racial offences and promotion of racism
  329.  Continual change of rules in society to create confusion
  330.  Teaching young children about sex, with advanced sexual positions,
  331. fetishes and homosexuality
  332.  Undermining of school and teacher's authority, dumbing down education
  333.  Promote and saturate huge immigration waves to destroy national identity
  334.  Attack churches and empty them out, remove sources of faith and human
  335. connection
  336.  Corrupt the legal system to support predators, with bias against victims
  337. of crime
  338.  Promote addiction and excessive use of drugs, alcohol and getting high
  339.  Control entertainment and media to 6th grade levels or lower, dumb down
  340. popular media
  341.  Encourage the breakdown of family, poor parenthood skills, single mothers,
  342. absent fathers
  343.  Manipulate and steal self-esteem through dependency on the state and
  344. encourage victimhood
  345.  Confuse identity and gender with new classification systems, promote
  346. nonexistent issues as the main problems in society
  348. Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will
  349. never be uprooted.
  351. ~ Vladimir Lenin
  353. Weaponizing Groupthink for Genocide
  355. When groupthink is weaponized as a psychological warfare tool for swaying
  356. public opinion through fear, it can lead to mass hysteria and mob mentality
  357. that surfaces collective shadows and hidden phobias that spiral into panic.
  358. Those that spiral into panic have taken the emotional bait hook of the
  359. psychological warfare, then feed off of each other's emotional and
  360. fear-based reactions, causing the group panic to swiftly escalated to
  361. incite mob hysteria. When the groupthink is weaponized into mob frenzy and
  362. rule, it lends to the destructive tendency of all or nothing thinking in
  363. order to demonize those outcast groups that are not in submissive agreement
  364. with the core ideology and its methods. The angry mob searches for those
  365. they can scapegoat or persecute through displays of public shaming or
  366. grandstanding to make public or political examples of, in order to further
  367. spread their poisonous ideology which is based on coercion, intimidation,
  368. and aggressive violence. This is the classical set up used as the roadmap
  369. for genocide 101. The useful pawns used for inciting anarchy for the dark
  370. overlords are generally the first waves picked for the genocide.
  372. Groupthink is also formed by the collective consciousness ongoing exposures
  373. to the same repeated statements, phrases and ideological content used for
  374. spreading propaganda, over and over again. To incite fear or fallacies into
  375. the groupthink, certain falsehoods or disinformation are repeated
  376. continually through many mainstream media sources until the falsehood
  377. becomes verified as truthful information in the mind of those individuals.
  378. All propagandists know that if you repeat the same information and phrases
  379. over and over again in the media, it will eventually be perceived as a
  380. truth even when it is a falsehood. The purpose of spreading falsehoods into
  381. groupthink is to recognize the basic tenet of psychological warfare, those
  382. groups that are led by falsehoods do not have access to accurate awareness
  383. of events or truthful knowledge, but instead are manipulated and deceived
  384. to believe false impressions and illusions, and thus will be at a greater
  385. disadvantage and be easily used as pawns. In psychological and spiritual
  386. warfare, knowledge of the truth and seeing the larger picture in events
  387. holds power. Thus, when dark forces seek to gain control over others, they
  388. compartmentalize information and will always deceive those they perceive as
  389. lesser, demanding blind obedience and appeasement to their falsehoods. Dark
  390. entities always deny their involvement when caught in the act and never
  391. tell the whole truth, instead they shroud any small kernels of truth in a
  392. massive bed of lies which makes it much harder to discern. Those that
  393. believe bold faced lying to others for the purpose of ideological
  394. subversion and religious conversion are dancing with the devil and are
  395. inverted in Satanism, there is no righteousness found in complex deception.
  397. In the current chaotic terrain of weaponizing the controlled narratives
  398. based upon methods of ideological subversion and political correctness, if
  399. the Groupthink and its rules are not adhered to by any individual, they may
  400. be targeted with methods of aggressive victimizer attacking, including
  401. hurled threats and intimidation, as well as forms of public shaming and
  402. character assassination.
  404. Thus, it is more critical than ever in this chaotic terrain of rampant
  405. falsehoods and psychological terrorism being promoted by the groupthink, to
  406. vigorously pursue truth and to the best of our ability, live the expression
  407. of truth that we experience directly. On the awakening path to access
  408. greater levels of truth, our inner work is to recognize where our
  409. perception has been controlled through ego mechanisms that were filled with
  410. pain and delusion. The spiritual goal is to gain an accurate assessment of
  411. events, refusing to jump on the bandwagon of groupthink, which helps us to
  412. align our perceptions with the actual truthful events happening around us.
  413. The world needs emotional and spiritual adults that can speak the truth
  414. from their heart, without recrimination, blame or harming intentions.
  415. Telling the truth as it is from a place of neutrality, weighing information
  416. for considering the most accurate assessment, with a degree of mental
  417. clarity and inner to outer coherence.
  419. Ideological Subversion
  421. Ideological subversion is a common psychological warfare tactic used for
  422. brainwashing by those in military intelligence and anarchist groups, or any
  423. power monger that historically has subscribed to the methods used in
  424. Marxist-Leninist communistic based ideology. However, organized religions
  425. and cults use many of the same mind control tools, such as Roman
  426. Catholicism which was also originally set up by the Black Suns and then
  427. later borrowed by the Luciferians. To clarify, this ideology was co-created
  428. between nonhuman and human Satanist groups, and its signature reflects the
  429. Black Sun groups use for infiltration warfare of other species cultures. It
  430. is specifically used to infiltrate and then destroy another species or
  431. nations culture, history, rituals, language, art and literature, along with
  432. their historical records and sacred objects or artifacts. More plainly
  433. said, it is used to strip the individual of their tribal identity and mind
  434. wipe their past, so they will not know who they are and then be easily bred
  435. as mind control slaves. Every human on this planet was subjected to this
  436. mind wipe by the NAA, and every culture has suffered some version of their
  437. authentic identity and history being wiped out from cellular memory. All
  438. humans are struggling to figure out who they are and find their true core
  439. self.
  441. Thus, in more recent times the Controllers implemented these covert
  442. strategies to infiltrate the public influencers and children's educational
  443. curriculum to be exposed to these divide and conquer concepts in order to
  444. ultimately destroy the ideology of the targeted cultures and then collapse
  445. these targeted nations from within. When you wipe away people's identity
  446. and confuse them to war with each other, the core ideology through which
  447. they have come together as nation is weakened and more easily destroyed.
  448. United we stand, divided we fall.
  450. By influencing the influencers in that culture, such as targeting the
  451. media, academics, students and the wealthiest and most powerful people in
  452. visible public roles, like actors and celebrities, these public groups get
  453. manipulated into being the mouthpiece representatives for the narrative
  454. that supports the ideological subversion. Intelligence operatives look
  455. first to recruit people that outwardly demonstrate a slew of unethical
  456. qualities associated with the untamed negative ego and its addictive
  457. desires. Such as those with low moral principles and dominating egos that
  458. are filled with narcissism, greed, vanity, the fame seeking and
  459. power-hungry persons that can easily deceive others and tell lies to the
  460. public in order to reach their personal goals. Next time you notice a
  461. celebrity type on social media backing political views or promoting some
  462. type of ideology or product to their followers, ask yourself who they are
  463. actually working for and what the real agenda behind them might be. Many
  464. got a call from the top of the pyramid telling their agents along with
  465. loosely veiled threats, to make a public service announcement and pay bail
  466. for looters, and if they didn't, they would unleash the hounds of hell.
  467. This is mostly how this world works in positions of power, through a mafia
  468. ring of bribery, blackmail and death threats. We must recognize and see it
  469. in action in order to recreate our world to be a much better place.
  470. Subverters know the cult of fame and celebrity is effective at influencing
  471. the public, and this is a major tool in their arsenal.
  473. Ideological subversion is a psychological warfare tactic used by enemies of
  474. a nation and its people that seek to destroy its power structure through
  475. the methodical and gradual infiltration of its social, economic, academic
  476. and political control structures. Brainwashing and social engineering
  477. methods are used to change the perception of reality within that
  478. nation-state to such an extent, that despite the amount of evidence or
  479. information that is available, the citizens are unable to reach a clear
  480. understanding of purpose in how to defend themselves, their families and
  481. their communities from hidden enemies within these subversion agendas.
  482. These agendas are made against the people of that nation which include the
  483. ongoing perpetration of terrorism, false flags or insurgency which can be
  484. orchestrated from within that nation by those who have infiltrated or been
  485. recruited in powerful positions to carry out this purpose. Ideological
  486. subversion is a form of mind control or brainwashing that happens gradually
  487. over time with repeated and consistent exposures to the same divisive
  488. messaging of inciting victims and victimizers, in which human tyrants and
  489. archons effectively use as a psychological weapon in order to demoralize
  490. and dehumanize the targeted population. Obviously, it is the major desire
  491. of the NAA to get human beings to succumb to the temptation of playing out
  492. this role of subversion, and many are either supporting the satanic network
  493. unconsciously for selfish motivations or are in the cult themselves.
  495. Infiltration of the academic institutions and educational systems for the
  496. purpose of ideological subversion are used by employing a range of
  497. demoralization tactics embedded within the curriculums that are designed
  498. for spreading disinformation and confusion. The spreading of narratives
  499. containing contradictory information, fallacies and misconceptions, let's
  500. say about shaping and promoting socialism or communism principles as the
  501. panacea to the failings of capitalism, are an effective way to infiltrate a
  502. range of social groups which can be effectively weaponized and manipulated
  503. over many years through information warfare and false flags.
  505. In the Marxist-Leninist playbook it is known to take about 15 to 20 years
  506. to effectively demoralize a nation by targeting the education of its
  507. children through repeatedly exposing them to the ideology of the enemy. An
  508. ideology used to justify the erosion and targeting of human freedoms that
  509. are freely given in the western value system of that particular
  510. nation-state. This is based upon the number of years that it actually
  511. requires to educate one to three generations of students by infiltrating
  512. the educational system with levels of Marxist-Leninist ideology that has
  513. been ultimately designed for ideological subversion and collapse of that
  514. nation. The infiltration of the United States is designed to eliminate
  515. human freedoms while destabilizing the nation for the purpose of eventually
  516. succumbing to the Globalist Tyranny of the One World Order agenda. As a
  517. result, many years ago the educational systems and scientific journals were
  518. infiltrated with content that was meant for the eventual ideological
  519. subversion of the western value systems in America, especially for the
  520. purpose of destroying the love of freedom and liberties that are included
  521. in ideas of American patriotism.
  523. Demoralization of the population who has been slowly educated to hate the
  524. value systems in their nation and hate other citizens in that nation for
  525. whatever the reasons, brings on the greater social acceptance of the
  526. attempts made from outside insurgents, disaster capitalists and invaders to
  527. infiltrate and manipulate those involved in the fomented controversy and
  528. the protest movements. Many of the grassroots organizations are infiltrated
  529. by unseen enemies seeking to co-opt the movement for their larger agendas
  530. of ideological subversion and governmental collapse. The psychological
  531. warfare involves the continual classification of citizens into ever smaller
  532. groups that are designed for radicalizing human interactions so that people
  533. are unable to resolve their differences and grievances. The mainstream
  534. media propaganda is intended to fracture citizens further into these
  535. classification groups through divide and conquer tactics, by only focusing
  536. only on the extremist events, heated controversies while highlighting in
  537. the media the angry tensions between these groups, repeating it over and
  538. over again for inciting the outrage culture. The promotion and emphasis of
  539. non-issues that only impact a tiny minority of the population are focused
  540. upon in order to side track and control the perception of the public to
  541. waste their time, energy and resources, while the infiltration occurs out
  542. of the spotlight to generate even bigger problems later on for the majority
  543. in that nation.
  545. Thus, protests are more easily digressed into mob frenzy that carry out
  546. random violence and destruction of property, which is an effective tool to
  547. further destabilize that nations governmental system into an imminent
  548. crisis. The crisis continues into a rapid breakdown of law and order, with
  549. the mainstream support of base criminals and predators which are
  550. threatening to the safety of the people, while law abiding citizenry are
  551. fined or put in jail. If the crisis levels continue to escalate and the
  552. stabilization of law and order is ignored and a modicum of safety is not
  553. returned to the citizenry, the insurgents or enemies of the nation continue
  554. to manipulate the crisis in order to push for their ideology to institute a
  555. violent change in the power structure and economy. Ongoing crisis can lead
  556. to a civil war or hidden invasion by the primary forces of the insurgency
  557. behind the orchestration of this agenda. Cue the shoo in of the United
  558. Nations. Those taking on full control many times are authoritarians dressed
  559. up as benevolent dictators that are promising to be the savior to the
  560. people in that nation, selling them a bag of utopian lies.
  562. This is essentially defining the nature of a political coup or an outside
  563. infiltration coup attempt to subvert the nation to an outside agenda of
  564. socialism or communism, or in current times the Techno-Totalitarianism.
  565. These are satanic ideologies hidden in plain sight to usurp human freedom,
  566. individualism and self-sovereignty. This current process is the stepping
  567. stone being utilized for the destabilization of western power centers to
  568. eliminate democratic principles and human freedom entirely, in order to
  569. quietly slip in the technocratic government planned as the One World Order
  570. agenda. The current controlling forces, the Black Suns, are behind the
  571. authoritarian government of the Chinese Communist Party of China which are
  572. human and nonhuman, and are the technocratic prototype that the Power Elite
  573. desire to bring into the western populations through the use of ideological
  574. subversion and insurgency. For these reasons, it may be a rough summer.
  575. More clarity of these events continues through gradual leaks of public
  576. disclosure through independent media sources which are happening in
  577. alignment with the support of Cosmic forces, bringing some relief from this
  578. onslaught. Although these are shocking changes for many of the citizens on
  579. earth, it appears the global awakening is here and major revelations are to
  580. be made towards the end of the year.
  582. AI Network of Brain Net or Hive Net
  584. Recently, gridworkers and Guardian Host had a standoff with the
  585. implementation of Hive Net to be taken into larger spans of global areas
  586. gridded with 5G or telecom satellites. The pushback was immense in the
  587. United Kingdom as they rolled out another stage of the 5G, and as of this
  588. writing, there is an ongoing electric-digital war which is happening to
  589. prevent harm and re-route these transmissions.
  591. Primarily, the Black Sun groups have been experimenting on humanity for
  592. many years with an assortment of artificial intelligence and black box
  593. quantum computing technologies for the purpose of moving the collective
  594. consciousness towards AI controlled Groupthink, which is similar to
  595. connecting human brains to the internet. This system is referred to as the
  596. Brain Net or Hive Net. The NAA want to connect all human brains to
  597. artificial intelligence systems as the means of total and complete human
  598. consciousness enslavement, in order to monitor and manipulate all
  599. electromagnetic activity of the human brain to fully collect the data for
  600. the purpose of controlling the timelines. People that have been identified
  601. as Targeted Individuals are the first waves of humans being secretly
  602. experimented upon for testing out this AI surveillance system, by using an
  603. assortment of automated SRA methods for subjugating group consciousness via
  604. remote device or satellite. The planned expansion of this AI system through
  605. the reset into Techno-Totalitarianism is to eventually connect every living
  606. human brain to artificial intelligence networks that build out complex
  607. simulations of the entire genetic library on the earth.
  609. Targeted Individuals have been sought out by shadow government, black
  610. military operatives or NAA entities for the purpose of hijacking their
  611. consciousness for brain-machine learning in this covert and sinister AI
  612. experiment, in which the primary directive was to build out the Hive Net
  613. system and then generate digital twins as virtual representatives. A
  614. digital twin is an exact replica or clone used to represent that
  615. individual's personality matrix projected into another dimensional plane,
  616. usually the virtual representation is placed in a location within the
  617. phantom matrix. The digital twin is used by the NAA as a mind control
  618. weapon which attempts to overlay into the lightbody, it is designed to
  619. subvert the organic consciousness of that individual. Many times, seemingly
  620. to be an evil twin, but this is a digital twin of that individuals'
  621. identity that is used as a holographic insert to abuse the inner spiritual
  622. Christos within organic human beings.
  624. Then along with the successful experimentation in human brain-supercomputer
  625. interfacing, the plan is to gradually augment and capture cognition for the
  626. purpose of building machines with cognitive and emotional capabilities that
  627. then forms the data collection into a synthetic hive mind that can be
  628. further used for generating virtual realities and cyborgs. This is a neural
  629. net based artificial intelligence linked into quantum supercomputers that
  630. are generating sentient world simulations in order for the NAA to continue
  631. to survive in this reality, and attempt to maintain their control over
  632. humanity's future direction during the Ascension Cycle. Some of the
  633. Controllers actually believe if they can transfer their personality to an
  634. artificial carrier or cyborg body that this will allow them to cheat death
  635. and the repercussion of their personal actions from cause and effect, to
  636. become immortal and God like on another plane of reality. Essentially, they
  637. believe they can escape having to face their deeds and prevent being forced
  638. to experience the consequences of their actions taken to enslave and
  639. annihilate the human race.
  641. Through the use of nanotech biosensors or Smartdust, it is possible to
  642. electronically link humans into a brain to brain interface for the purpose
  643. of synthetic telepathy, surveillance, complex simulations as well as the
  644. ability to customize specialized mind control at individual levels. The
  645. science aspect of the brain net has been proven already in the academic
  646. environments, and the next stage of rolling out for the commercial aspects
  647. of this technology into the mainstream is happening now through the current
  648. planned reset into the Technocracy. They have been using humans as the
  649. guinea pigs for their experiments without informed consent.
  651. Current examples of the reset are being made through the intended operation
  652. of using the internet-hive net for global surveillance, data collection,
  653. mind mapping, economic restructuring, and facial recognition systems that
  654. are designed to be fully functional within the complex infrastructure build
  655. out of the internet of things and smart cities by 2030. This wish list plan
  656. for Technocratic Totalitarianism supplies an unlimited range of
  657. possibilities for the Controllers to manipulate the data in these AI
  658. transmissions for the purpose of implanting thoughts, eliminating
  659. dissenters and gaining complete control over human brains, essentially
  660. creating a synthetic hive mind and compliant population.
  662. With the ongoing progression of the One World Order wish list to build out
  663. for the Technocracy, the Controllers future vision for the fourth
  664. industrial wave is to fuse the organic human biology with AI machines,
  665. which is why there is an aggressive pysops for the purpose of supporting
  666. mandated and recurring vaccinations which are the roadmap leading us to
  667. transhumanism. Currently, they are desperate for total control and pushing
  668. hard for the next generation of weaponizing AI controlled Groupthink in
  669. order to completely enslave the masses, by covertly and secretly plugging
  670. people into the Hive Net and running kill command codes. This is planned to
  671. be achieved through a variety of means connected to GMO's, chemicals and
  672. nano dust, but the mandated vaccination agenda being aggressively spread
  673. for the purpose of injecting nanochips and biosensors directly into the
  674. blood stream of children and all of humanity, it is the holy grail of this
  675. anti-human propaganda. The NAA need their human puppets to mass produce and
  676. promote nanochip laden and poisonous vaccinations as healthy immunization
  677. practices, through the global medical tyranny network, as this is the
  678. keystone to their future success with carrying out the next stage of the
  679. transhumanist agenda.
  681. This is intended to be the integration of human brains that are directly
  682. connected into AI systems through neural links that project the data
  683. collected into real time sentient world simulations, that are further used
  684. to enforce the phantom earth blended reality system. The current timeline
  685. wars are primarily over maintaining the base 10 architecture which exist as
  686. NAA controlled artificial machinery superimposed on the consciousness
  687. layers of the planetary body. This generates a Blended Earth Reality which
  688. contains organic creator code mixed in with artificial intelligence
  689. networks that are run by alien machinery. This reversal current runs
  690. throughout the technologically controlled sections of the planetary field
  691. which implements the artificial timelines that project the artificial
  692. spaces or phantom matrices designed as the 3D matrix AI programming. The
  693. structure is entropic and parasitic as it must rely upon an external power
  694. source through which to siphon energy to continue to exist, and this is
  695. where human brains and human bio-energy are currently being set up to be
  696. merchandised by the Controllers for energy extraction by rolling out the
  697. vaccination and transhumanism agendas. Remember that nanotech biosensors
  698. can be used to harvest biological light.
  700. The goal of the NAA's reset into Technocracy is to eventually have billions
  701. of nanotech bots and sensors running throughout our bio-neurology
  702. communicating with each other over a wireless network that directly
  703. connects our brains with the internet, so that human consciousness will be
  704. completely immersed in a virtual reality that is experienced through all of
  705. our biological senses. It is more effective if they can inject these
  706. nanobots into our blood stream directly via the false front of vaccinations
  707. for public health. At this NAA wish list planned stage of nanotech
  708. infection with AI signals, an asleep human being will not have any
  709. perceptual awareness that the external experience is happening through an
  710. artificial intelligence simulated reality interface and that the original
  711. connection into the organic consciousness reality will be effectively
  712. eliminated, thus disconnecting the soul and spiritual body from the biology
  713. of that physical person. This is the diabolical plan of the Black Sun
  714. Satanists and NAA entities that intensely hate humanity and desire to
  715. destroy the original diamond sun template and the God given spiritual
  716. connection to Christos that inherently exists in human beings.
  718. Dragon Moth and Dragon Grid
  720. Guardian teams have been spending some time in a very unpleasant area that
  721. is called the Dragon Moth Grid which is instrumental in holding down layers
  722. of the phantom matrix timelines. It is understood that this particular grid
  723. feeds into many of the Black Sun's golden goose structures, which harvests
  724. vast amounts of loosh energy for running their systems in the earth, such
  725. as the feedlines in the multiple-billion-dollar industry of the
  726. pharmaceutical and vaccination companies. Many of us realize full well they
  727. are putting every resource now into expanding the global vaccination
  728. agendas, filled with poisons and nanotech, and this is the alien grid that
  729. supports, protects and feeds this dreadful network of anti-human
  730. structures.
  732. Apparently around the time of the Nephilim Wars, this Dragon Moth alien
  733. machinery was created by Drakonian groups and fused into the planetary
  734. body. They got to work on building the Artificial Tree of Life and the
  735. complex AI systems that generate the virtual realities and AI timelines
  736. that make up the phantom matrix. This particular alien machinery is
  737. embossed on the earth like a big Dragon serpent creature, its head extends
  738. into far Eastern Siberia, China and Japan, and its body reaches into South
  739. America. It runs on reverse 10th dimensional current and forms a connection
  740. between the earth and the fallen planets they collected in the phantom
  741. matrix. These forces are definitely some of the most aggressive and blood
  742. thirsty that I have ever encountered, and therefore it took our teams some
  743. time to build enough resources on the ground to be able to meet these
  744. creatures in the field and remain intact. These hostile forces that protect
  745. this network are antichrist and have an immense hatred for Christos
  746. architecture and females that is beyond any human comprehension. Thus, they
  747. aim to defeat both the Krystal Star Guardians and any other species they
  748. consider adversaries in the final battle over the earth. It is accurate to
  749. say that those Dragon Moth protecting this network seem to be fully
  750. assimilated into AI systems that they have uploaded themselves into for
  751. gaining aggressive control over the black magic grids. Without an autopsy
  752. it is hard to say, but these creatures feel to be fully cyborg creations at
  753. this juncture of interaction. They are fully assimilated into the AI
  754. systems they have created, and thus have lost any sense of an organic
  755. creation.
  757. Dragon Moth or Omicron Draconians are one of the factions behind the Orion
  758. Group, one of the intruder groups of the NAA that source from the Orion
  759. Constellation. Dragon Moth has its main sources from around Alnitak around
  760. the Orion's belt areas. Dragon Moth entities are extremely vicious and
  761. violent and are behind most of the militant and terrorist activities in the
  762. areas of the planet that correspond to the Iraq and Iran Gate. The Islamic
  763. extremist factions observed in the Middle East are culled and orchestrated
  764. in terrorism techniques primarily by the Omicron reptiles, which seem to
  765. have lent their ideological subversion tactics to the Russians and Middle
  766. Eastern controllers. The Dragon Moth are reptilian entities that exist
  767. extradimensionally in bodies that are animated and controlled by off planet
  768. Satanic forces from Orion, and their higher ups exist in the monadic planes
  769. or Gaian timelines. They manipulate time to extend their mind control
  770. terrorism into this timeline in the past, the earth timelines in matter.
  771. Through ripping black holes in space time, they have been able to get
  772. closer to the earth plane through the problems of the infestation of false
  773. matrices and virtual realities in the astral plane. Events like the nuclear
  774. event in Fukushima, Japan create excessive damage in the earth field which
  775. allows their particular forces to penetrate more deeply in areas they were
  776. not previously able to access directly.
  778. Also, they have been known to be hired as mercenaries for the Annunaki who
  779. negotiate with them to help defend their territories via the ley lines in
  780. the United Kingdom around Stonehenge. These areas operate what is called
  781. the NRG which is the primary mind control grid that operates the sexual
  782. misery program that harvests human sexual energies, and promotes the
  783. Victim-Victimizer software. Dragon Moth are terrorist specialists in
  784. military strategy and subversion, and the Annunaki bargain with them for
  785. ley lines or negotiate with them to get them to enforce militant control
  786. over areas with targeting versions of psychotronic warfare in the
  787. demographic area. Where there are prolific killings made from terrorist
  788. sleepers or False Flags, this is generally carried out and supported as a
  789. Dragon Moth-Omicron operation.
  791. Clarity and Discernment
  793. During these chaotic and confusing times, how can we gain more clarity?
  794. Clarity is the quality of being clear through developing self-awareness, it
  795. is the quality of coherence that is the natural result of having a full
  796. comprehension, awareness or perception of something. To develop strong
  797. discernment of the energies around us, we must develop some degree of
  798. self-awareness and self-responsibility for the situations we may find
  799. ourselves, in order to arrive at some degree of personal clarity.
  801. To develop personal clarity, we need to discipline our intellect to have
  802. stillness within, generating a clear inner mirror which allows for engaged
  803. detachment to discern outer influences, even when these influences make us
  804. incredibly uncomfortable. Spiritual maturity is the process of dedicating
  805. to the expansion of consciousness, in being willing to be uncomfortable in
  806. order to stretch beyond personal limitations and control impulses.
  807. Generally, we do not see our personal limitations and areas where we can
  808. improve, until we are made very uncomfortable inside ourselves. This
  809. discomfort can be mental, emotional and even physical. Spiritual and
  810. emotional growth require that we get comfortable with discomfort, knowing
  811. that we can learn something by inquiring on the reasons we feel
  812. uncomfortable.
  814. When we have clarity, it produces the authentic state of energetic
  815. coherence in such way that it allows more light, intuition, insight and
  816. energy to pass through our body transparently. Clarity supports an
  817. increased accurate assessment of our environment and the humble ability to
  818. assess ourselves in our competencies, which is an effective tool for
  819. gaining self-mastery. To arrive at personal clarity for increased
  820. discernment in order to remain transparent to adversarial or opposing
  821. energies, we must do the inner work and be able to resolve, integrate and
  822. neutralize the subconscious wounds or emotional conflicts we carry. The
  823. opposing forces use dark manipulation to direct strong resistance to
  824. amplify the areas we carry pain, and these events will reveal to us where
  825. we have energetic weakness and vulnerability through these unhealed wounds.
  826. Dark forces will continue to agitate us through our energetic weaknesses
  827. caused from pain, fear and avoidance in order to generate as much confusion
  828. and misery in the human mind as possible. If we are feeling mental and
  829. emotional pain, we must be willing to do the inner work at some level, and
  830. ask for help, in order to come to some resolution that allows neutrality to
  831. replace the pain.
  833. The more clarity we have developed, the more authentic we become and the
  834. stronger our energetic aura, the easier it is to repel dark forces.
  836. May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead
  837. the way forward. May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these
  838. chaotic times.
  840. Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all
  841. the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am
  842. God, Sovereign, Free!
  844. Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart
  845. path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!
  847. With a Loving heart, Lisa

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